Kedar Enterprises, Sand Castings Of Nonferrous Metals, Manufacturer, India
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Manufacturers of :

• Aluminium Sand Casting
• Aluminium Gravity Die Casting
• Aluminium Shell Sand Casting
• Pressure Tight Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy Casting

Sand & Gravity Die Castings of : Nonferrous Metals & Alloys
Heat Treatment of :
Aluminium Alloy Castings
About Us
Kedar Enterprises
Kedar Enterprises, a partnership concern, was incorporated in 1985.
The company is engaged in the manufacturing of Aluminium Castings at its facility at F-25 M.I.D.C. Ambad & E-45 M.I.D.C. Ambad in Nasik.

The company serves requirements of numerous organizations spread over a wide spectrum of Industriesin all over India,. These include Electrical & Industrial Equipment, Vacuum Pumps and Compressor Valves Moulds / Dies etc. Details of same are given in Annexure.
The sister concern company, M/s. Key Industries, have facilities for Heat Treatment of Al. Alloy Castings and manufacture Copper Alloy Castings. They also have small machine shop.

Both above companies are implementing Quality Management System as per ISO 9001-2015 and have received ISO Certificate from Geotek Global Certification Pvt. Ltd.

Another sister concern company M/s. AL-CAST Industries have facilities for manufacture of Aluminium Alloy Castings including Moulding Machine

Alloy Used : LM25, LM9, LM6, AlsiloMg, Alsi7Mg 0.3, LM 13, LM16

KEDAR ENTERPRISES manufacture & supply Aluminium Alloy Castings as per customer requirements & adopts following strategy

Upgrade the core equipments to “state of the art level” in order to increase the capacity to make more complex & critical castings to fulfill increasing demands of customers.
Develop highly technical value added components & offer ready to use products to customer,
Develop new customers to utilize the company’s excess manufacturing capacity.