Gravity Die Casting Of Nonferrous Alloys, Manufacturer, Nashik, India
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Aluminium Sand Casting
Aluminium Gravity Die Casting
Aluminium Shell Sand Casting
Pressure Tight Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy Casting
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Nonferrous Metals & Alloys

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Aluminium Alloy Castings
Aluminium Gravity Die Castings
Some of Our GDC with shell core Products (Gravity Die)
Housing for HIME
Housing for HIME- Wt.10 kg./4 kg.
Housing - Wt.26 kg.
Housing - Wt.10 kg./4 kg.
Mech. Frame Casting
Without Shell Core
Mech. Frame Casting
Mech.Frame for CGL Wt.13 kg
Upper Tank Casting - 80 kg
Mech. Frame - Wt.13 kg
SCH Lem Casting
Mech. Frame 145 kg
SCH Lem Casting 13 Kgs.
Check valve ( Elbow ) Casting – 22.5 Kgs
Filter Bowl Casting – 7 Kgs
Check valve ( Elbow ) Casting 22.5 Kgs
Filter Bowl Casting 7 Kgs.
Resistor lever Casting
Resistor Lever Casting